Produce News October 11th to 16th

Heading South this week….apples are late and small this year. They are still picking, but a lot of growers are waiting to see how the crop sizes up to let me know prices.  They had a lot of hot weather which is hard on apples….they just stop growing when it is over 90.  So while lots of apples, they are not big.  Kind of like catching a lot of small cohos….maybe a lot of fish, but not as much money due to size.  Will update by October 8th with prices and what I will have.  If you want to special order anything for winter let me know asp…Dave


Hi all our rain meant warm weather last week in Washington and Oregon.  So the Yakima Rainier and Bing Cherries are here this week….The Rainier Cherries are large and sweet….a great treat.  Hot weather is good for melons, but it was too hot in all the Desert growing areas, as a result of 110+ degree weather, pickers can not drink enough water to work and the fruit burns up.  So no Cantaloupes….but yes to Watermelons.  A couple of trips I get melons from Arizona.  The growers grow Temptations (similar to an Orange Honeydew), Golden Honeydews and Lemondrops (you have to try, very different).  Champagne Mangoes were ripe and goregous, so they are back.  The Organic Heirloom Tomatoes are more expensive, but very good and worth the money from Full Belly Farms in California.  Peaches are huge! ripe and ready to eat.  Nectarines are from the same grower, but will take a couple of days to ripen.  Blueberries and Blackberries are from Oregon now.  Maybe open flats from Western Washington next trip.  Enjoy your holiday….and remember fruit is meant to be eaten!!



Produce news for 6.7 TO 6.11

  Hanging Baskets  Fuchsia and Combos this week  $42…..ONE MORE TIME AND THAT IS IT FOR THE SEASON

Produce is only getting better!  Cherries from California are an actual Bing…so very tasty.  All the soft fruits were surprisingly good. I actually got  ripe Peaches.  Remember never keep your soft fruits (except Cherries) in the fridge.  Home refrigerators are too warm (needs to be between 32 and 35) to hold soft fruits.  It is best to leave on the counter until they are to the point you want to eat, then refrigerate.  Melons are good again, particularly the Golden Honeydews from Arizona.  Watermelons did not make the trip as they were flat tasting….next time.  Washington Asparagus is about done, as soon as Cherries are ready, all the pickers start picking Cherries.  Who could blame them! Field Peonies one more time!!PEONIES