I know most of you know that we are unable to sell this season. This is the first time in over 40 years we have missed a scheduled produce trip, let alone an entire season. Their are many moving parts that you not see as a customer. The main hurdle was access to my suppliers warehouses in Seattle. I have always flown to Seattle and personally hand selected the 18 pallets of produce for a container. I have several suppliers…one that I source Washington produce (some of the farms I have been buying from for 40 years) and two others that supply everything else. I could just order from one supplier on the phone, but I know that as much as they would try, the product would not be the quality you expect. I put very different requirements on what I order….my emphasis is on what taste good, not what is cheaper or more attractive. So every trip requires 9 different plane flights, 16 employees in Sitka and 9 in Petersburg…..all a high risk in the Covid age. I just could not figure out how to change a very social experience into the requirements of social distancing….I explored many options, but really hit a brick wall with the only shipping option of AML….just could not get any type of rate that would make it affordable. So add it all up and I just can not pull it off. We hope to be back next season….for sure Mona will operate the Garden Store in Petersburg and we will try and pull off another produce season. I appreciate all the years of dedicated customer loyalty, you have shopped in Gales, snowstorms and just about any weather Southeast can provide. Stay healthy and safe