It is with great sadness that we announce the end of Chelan Produce. We will continue to operate our garden store in Petersburg. WE had wished to sell a few more years and have been trying to recruit a younger generation to take over, but no takers. It has become a very different business to operate without ferries. We use to get on and off 100 ferries in a season…Mona would sell in Wrangel and Kake, and I would sell in Petersburg and Sitka. The last few years we have only been able to use the barge, which has gotten very expensive and cumbersome to use. Throw Covid into the mix and it really scrambled my ability to hand select produce in Seattle. We do not know how to express our profound thanks to all our loyal customers. Outside of missing the produce ourselves, we miss seeing all our customers and friends in Southeast Alaska. We will continue to live in Keene Channel about 20 miles by water outside of Petersburg and enjoy being able to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is hard to say goodbye after all the support after over 42 years in business, but age and circumstances have finally caught up. Thanks again, we could not of done it for so long with out the support of our customers and the help of the100s who have work for us over the years.

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