Produce news for 6.7 TO 6.11

  Hanging Baskets  Fuchsia and Combos this week  $42…..ONE MORE TIME AND THAT IS IT FOR THE SEASON

Produce is only getting better!  Cherries from California are an actual Bing…so very tasty.  All the soft fruits were surprisingly good. I actually got  ripe Peaches.  Remember never keep your soft fruits (except Cherries) in the fridge.  Home refrigerators are too warm (needs to be between 32 and 35) to hold soft fruits.  It is best to leave on the counter until they are to the point you want to eat, then refrigerate.  Melons are good again, particularly the Golden Honeydews from Arizona.  Watermelons did not make the trip as they were flat tasting….next time.  Washington Asparagus is about done, as soon as Cherries are ready, all the pickers start picking Cherries.  Who could blame them! Field Peonies one more time!!PEONIES

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